The Berlin Brats – Believe It Or Rot: 1973-1976 (Ratchet Blade Records)


The Berlin Brats were a band of skinny Hollywood delinquents united by garage rock, The NY Dolls and The Stooges at a time when fans of those bands were few and far between. Not to be confused with similarly-named contemporaries The Hollywood Brats, these Brats released just one single during their lifetime, featuring the jaw-dropping “(I’m) Psychotic” and “Tropically Hot”. Two songs isn’t much to build a reputation on, but they’re strong enough to make you wonder how far these guys could have gone if they recorded a full-length album in their prime. Since there was no studio record, Believe It Or Rot compiles the awesome “(I’m) Psychotic”/”Tropically Hot” single, along with eleven other demos, rehearsals and live tracks. Given that these songs were largely sourced from rare vinyl and bootleg recordings, the sound quality is rough throughout, and the six live numbers are particularly tough to get through. The liner notes are a mess too, with no recording dates noted and the band’s history boiled down to just four uninformative paragraphs. Don’t let all these negatives deter you though – you need to hear “(I’m) Psychotic” and “Tropically Hot”, two of the earliest blasts of what would eventually become L.A. punk rock.

Track Listing 1. Tropically Hot 2. (I’m) Psychotic 3. Vinyl 4. Juice 5. House of Pleasure 6. Joyride (To the End of the World) 7. (I’m) Psychotic 8. It’s My Life 9. Surprise, Surprise 10. Vinyl 11. Bye Bye Johnny 12. (I’m) Psychotic 13. Tropically Hot