The Users – Secondary Modern 1976-1979 (Bin Liner Records)

Secondary Modern 1976-1979

The Users were a second-tier UK punk band, but the punk was movement so powerful that even its’ lesser lights deserve recognition. Sure, they were a formulaic composite of The Sex Pistols, Generation X, The Clash, The Jam and The Buzzcocks, but that’s not such a bad formula. Secondary Modern collects eight studio tracks and a lo-fi live cut with Robyn Hitchcock on bass, and it feels skimpy, given its four-year scope. Were there no demos, alternate takes or other pieces of filler to pad out the 25-minute runtime? But I digress… While far from leaders, The Users had wide-eyed energy to spare, while maintaining close ties with sonic forefathers like The Who (The Users cover “It’s Not True”) and The Stooges (the inspiration for their best song, “Sick Of You”). While I wouldn’t recommend this disc as a starting point for punk newbies, if you live and die by UK punk, you’ll probably dig it.


1. Listen

2. It’s Not True

3. Now That It’s Over

4. All That I Get

5. Message #1 (Dead On Arrival)

6. Kicks In Style

7. Sick Of You

8. In Love With Today

9. Bad Decision