Spotlight Kid – Disaster Tourist (Saint Marie Records)

Disaster Tourist

This Nottingham group play their shoegaze very close to the 1988-1994 template laid out by My Bloody Valentine, Ride, Chapterhouse…etc., but do it 10x better than most of their revivalist peers. The difference is that most current shoegaze groups strip the heart and soul out of the music with laptops and drum machines giving them a stiff, often namby-pamby, sound. Not these guys. They attack the hell out of their songs like a real rock group should. Drummer Chris Davis is particularly impressive, slamming his kit with a brutal force that should send snare drums everywhere into a state of fright and panic. The early tracks on Disaster Tourist have the most impact. Opener “Plan Comes Apart” has the band galloping hard right out of the gate with forceful rhythms, guitar squalls and an MBV-esque blur of indecipherable vocal harmonies that come together perfectly. “All Is Real” is even better, with an explosive mushroom cloud of noise unleashed in the second half proving that the band (who, I should mention, are named after a Captain Beeheart album) have heard Ride’s “Dreams Burn Down” more than a few times. Just crushing stuff. The rest of Disaster Tourist, is enjoyable for shoegaze/dream-pop fetishists (a group I count myself a member of), but doesn’t quite live up to these two energetic high-points. The American version is the one to get, because it comes with five bonus tracks – two new songs, two live songs, and a Slowdive-y cover of “Don’t You Forget About Me” – giving you over 70 minutes of blissed-out sonic destruction.


1. Plan Comes Apart

2. All Is Real

3. April

4. Creeps

5. Creeps Interlude

6. Forget Yourself In Me

7. Freefall

8. Cold Steel Rain

9. Haunting Me

10.  Lifeline

11. Pulled Apart By Horses

Bonus Tracks

12. There’s A Reason Why

13. Psalm 107

14. Haunting Me (Live – BBC 6 Music)

15. Forget Yourself In Me (Live – Fisher Lane Sessions)

16. Don’t You Forget About Me