Erkin Koray – Mechul: Singles and Rarities (Sublime Frequencies)

Erkin Koray is considered a musical pioneer in Turkey, having formed the country’s first rock band in 1957, and popularizing psychedelic rock there in the late-1960s and early-1970s. Mechul collects eleven Koray songs from 1970-1977, many of which have never been heard before in the Western World. Koray’s music is known as Anatolian Rock, which is regular ol’ rock music adorned with traditional Turkish folk melodies and instrumentation. It’s most interesting when there’s more of the latter (like “Cubur Cemaat” and “Olmayinca Olmuyor”), as Koray’s straight ahead psych-heavy rock efforts sound trapped in the time they came from, although he does lay down some trippy fuzz guitar on “Ve…”, and does a reasonable Zeppelin impersonation on “Krallar”. The sound quality on Mechul isn’t great (did you expect anything else from Turkish recordings from the 1970s?) and the liner notes are skimpy, but it still warrants a stop on your tour of world psychedelia.


  • Meçhul
  • Ve…
  • Kendim Ettim Kendim Buldum
  • Gün Doğmuyor
  • Goca Dünya
  • Krallar
  • Cümbür Cemaat
  • Had Hadi Ordan
  • Düşünüş
  • Olmayinca Olmuyor
  • Sevdigim