The Asteroid # 4 – Hail To The Clear Figurines (The Committee To Keep Music Evil)

The sixth album from Philadelphia’s The Asteroid No. 4 presses all the buttons a good ’60s-indebted psych band should. There’s hard-driving garage rock (“Wicked Wire”, “Be Yourself By Yourself”), Byrds/Love folk-rock jangle (“Got Nowhere To Go”, “All False Reasons”), and early-Pink Floyd space-rock on “The Unknown” and “Ignition Slated For Eight” (or “Ignition For Slated For Eight” as it says in the lyric sheet – does anyone check these things?). The band clearly has their influences, but like peers The Black Angels and The Brian Jonestown Massacre they’ve also developed a certain style and sound of their own. A lot of that comes from singer Scott Vitt’s instantly recognizable vocal tone, which is limited in a technical sense, but appeals nonetheless. Although Hail To The Clear Figurines isn’t awe-inspiring, it’s consistently rewarding, and at the very least give “Wild Opal Eyes” a spin to hear psych-rock done right.


  1. Wicked Wire
  2. Wild Opal Eyes
  3. Hail to the Clear Figurines
  4. Vesta
  5. The Unknown
  6. Got Nowhere to Go
  7. All False Reasons
  8. In the Interest of Captain Marbles
  9. Be Yourself By Yourself
  10. A Sunny Day (One Afternoon)
  11. Carnival
  12. Ignition Slated for Eight