Sounds Like……

Do you think Oasis sound like The Beatles, or that Interpol are ripping off the dark and brooding corpse of Joy Division? Well, sort of. They’re obviously inspired by them, and in the case of Oasis, they might even nick a few lyrics or melodies here and there. However, as much as those bands remind you of their influences I would never in a million years confuse an Interpol song for a Joy Division song or an Oasis song for a Beatles track.
For some reason I’m intrigued by bands that can pull off a perfect facsimilie of another band. I mean a real copy that could be passed off as the original. It’s not the most innovative thing in the world to do, but you have to respect the attention to detail. For example, if you think Interpol sounds like Joy Division, what do you think of “Lords Of Summer” by Australian group The Mark Of Cain?
The melody is exactly Joy Division’s “Dead Souls” which makes the comparison blatantly obvious, but more importantly, everyone in the band is doing what their instrumental counterpart in Joy Division would have done. The vocalist sounds exactly like Ian Curtis, the bassist is playing just like Peter Hook, the drummer is doing what Stephen Morris would have done with the song, and the guitars are totally Bernard Summer. Even the production style is totally remniscent of Unknown Pleasures-era Joy Division. Also, the song totally smokes, which makes it a lot more palatable.
Here are a few more of my favorite songs that could be passed off as someone else’s:
This is by a French band called Reverberation who released Blue Stereo Music in 1998…a pretty good space-rock album. The song is called “Cross Your Sky”, and it sounds entirely like Spiritualized, if Jason Pierce had a slight French accent.
Fleeting Joys are a California band with two excellent albums of My Bloody Valentine inspired shoegaze. This song, called “The Breakup” comes from their first, and if you told someone it was an unreleased My Bloody Valentine song they probably wouldn’t bat an eye.
Lastly, here are Space Needle, an unknown Long Island band that recorded from 1994-1997 and left behind “Sun Doesn’t Love Me Anymore”, which sounds more like The Flaming Lips than 75% of The Flaming Lips discography, if that’s even possible.
What are some of your favorite songs that can be passed off as someone else’s? And have you ever tried to actually fool anyone with them?