The Galileo 7 – “Too Late”/”The World Looks Different Today” (State Records)

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The Galileo 7 (named after an episode of Star Trek from 1967) are a Medway outfit with a discography stretching back to 2010. On their latest two-song platter, the quartet, who now include State Records honcho Mole on drums, play psychedelic pop rooted in the 1960’s, but with a swirling paisley sheen copped from ’80s revivalists like The Dukes Of The Stratosphear, The Three O’Clock, and even a faint trace of The Bangles embedded somewhere deep in the harmony-driven kaleidoscope of sounds on the zippy A-side, “Too Late”. The B-side, “The World Looks Different Today”, is pure ’67 lysergic UK-psych pastiche – part “Strawberry Fields”, part “Pictures of Matchstick “Men” – complete with what I think are mellotrons and phased vocals. Pretty well done too.