Psych Bites Volume 2 (Past and Present Records)

The first volume of this series focused solely on post-psych/proto-metal nuggets originating from Australia, but on Volume 2 the compilers go global. The origins of the bands vary but there is something interesting about each of these twenty songs, with styles ranging from Krautrock to glam-pop to psychedelic Afro-funk. For me, the heart and soul of this compilation is “Ani-Kuni” by Canadian singer Madeleine Chartrand. It’s an adaptation of a Native American chant, spun into glam-pop gold by adding a stomping beat (this was 1973, after all) and an electric sitar. This is exactly what retro-heads are hoping for when they buy these compilations. Elsewhere, Orange Peel bring Zeppelin-style heaviness to “I Got No Time”, Chicago duo Athanor channel Can on the hypnotic “Urizen (Your Reason)” and you’d be hard pressed to find a stronger groove than “In The Jungle” by The Messengers (a band that evolved from Michael and The Messengers of “Romeo and Juliet” fame). Highly recommended.


1. Zappatta Schmidt – Someone In The Crowd

2. The Chartbusters – Tomorrow Night

3. Spencer Mac – Blues Up In Down Town

4. The Messengers – In The Jungle

5. Anvil Chorus – Rhythm Is The Way

6. Frumpy – Morning

7. The Revells – Indian Ropeman

8. Blackbirds 2000 – Let’s Do It Together

9. Kannibal Komix – Neurotic Reaction

10. Krokodil – Blue Flashing Circles

11. Rote Gitarren – Anfang

12. Madeleine Chartrand – Ani-Kuni

13. Athanor – Urizen (Your Reason)

14. Rattles – Where Is The Friend

15. Danta – Mau Mau

16. Dave Dean – Jamaica

17. Ofo The Black Company – Beautiful Daddy

18. Ofo The Black Company – Allah Wakkbar

19. Janie – Psycho

20. Orange Peel – I Got No Time

Psych Bites: Australian Acid Freakrock 1967-1974 Vol. 1 (Past and Present Records)


This newly launched series is an Australian counterpart to the Electric Asylum series of rare “freakrock”. Although this volume covers 1967-1974, only “Anywhere You Want To Go” by Long Grass is from the ‘60s, with the rest dating from 1970-1974. Most of the songs veer into heavy metal territory with some combination of paint-peeling vocals a la Robert Plant, demonic organs like Deep Purple, and evil lyrics that would sound at home on a Black Sabbath record. “Stay With Me” by Headband predates the banshee wail of Rob Halford by a year, “Satan’s Woman” by Freshwater answers the question “What would Black Sabbath have sounded like with Ronnie James Dio singing in 1970?” and Ash sounds like they should have been bigger than they were, judging by the savage licks of “Midnight Witch” and “Warrant”. Each of Psych Bites’ twenty songs has something to offer for anyone with a taste for the heavy stuff.


1. Flake – Under The Silent Tree 3:54

2. Doug Parkinson In Focus – Then I Run 2:59

3. Barrie McCaskell And Levi Smith Clefs – Love Like A Man 3:20

4. Pirana – Here It Comes Again 2:49

5. Long Grass – Anywhere You Wanna Go 2:22

6. Freshwater – Satan’s Woman 3:00

7. Ash – Midnight Witch 4:03

8. Chook – Cold Feet 3:08

9. Michael Turner In Session – Patterns Of My Life 2:58

10. Dave Miller Set – No Need To Cry 6:13

11. Ticket – Awake 5:20

12. Rashamra – Antelope 3:16

13. Flake – Breadalbane 5:19

14. Helium – Don’t Think Twice 3:50

15. Isherwood – Willy The Weeper 2:10

16. Healing Force – The Gully 3:54

17. Headband – Stay With Me 3:30

18. Ash – Warrant 2:59

19. Chook – Tables Turn 3:14

20. Doug Parkinson In Focus – Purple Curtains 2:24