Smallspace – No Matter (Speedywagon Records)

There’s no getting around it: Smallspace sounds exactly like Radiohead. While some people may grunt and groan at the idea, they’re far better than Radiohead copyists Travis, Muse or Palo Alto. Sure, the vocals sound just like Thom Yorke. Sure, they lift wholesale from Radiohead’s cutting-edge mix of electronica and rock. But that’s fine by me, because songs like “Put Down” and “For Days” are strong enough that I could probably pass them off to unsuspecting listeners as unreleased Radiohead songs. Even a song like “Right Here”, where they sound too much like Radiohead (it’s “Everything In It’s Right Place” meets “Morning Bell”), is still good enough you won’t hold it against them. In fact, it’s one of the best songs on the album.