Trampoline Team – Trampoline Team (Hozac)

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Trampoline Team are a New Orleans trio that whips you with a particularly fast and fierce brand of punk rock lashes. Their last album was even called Make It Faster. Their new self-titled album is their fastest yet. The tempos are uniformly speedy, the recording is consistently vicious, and singer Sam DeLuca keeps her middle finger permanently raised high. If I’m making comparisons, I’d say Trampoline Team remind me of that 1979 moment when California punk rock, led by bands like Rhino 39, The Germs and Black Flag, began to shift to hardcore. That’s an exciting comparison, but they also recall live clips of latter-day Ramones, when they started playing their old songs so fast that they just about lost all the melody and meaning that made them great. And that’s the sum of everything interesting and frustrating about Trampoline Team. You can’t question their dedication to all things visceral and high energy, but the unwavering uniformity of their full-on sound just steamrolls all hints of melody and nuance into submission, producing diminishing returns as the album hurdles towards its end, just twenty-five minutes after it started. That’s OK though, Trampoline Team will probably have a bright future as an opening act for bigger punk bands’ New Orleans tour dates. “Pay The Price” is a pretty good song though.