With The Sun In My Eyes: 20 Psychedelic Spins From The UK and Europe (Psychic Circle Records)

The Psychic Circle label continues their streak of great reissues with this collection of twenty previously un-comped psychedelic rarities from 1966-1972. Collectors may recognize a few bands (probably The Mindbenders and The Rattles), but most are unknowns sporting “far-out” names like The Gnomes Of Zurich, Sound Network, and Plastic Penny, whose Move-esque “Give Me Money” is the disc’s strongest track. The informative liner notes tell us that several future stars have their early outings collected here (members of 10CC, Supertramp and Giorgio Moroder show up in The Mindbenders, The Mooche and Giorgio, respectively). I don’t know how the guys at Psychic Circle keep finding all these great songs, but kudos to them for it.



1.PLASTIC PENNY: Give Me Money (Raymond, Murray) from the Page One LP ‘Currency’ POLS 014. 1969

2.PETER SARSTEDT: Mary Jane (Sarstedt) Island WIP 6028. 1968

3.THE MINDBENDERS: Yellow Brick Road (Stewart) Fontana TF 910. 1968

4.OLA & THE JANGLERS: No One Knows What Happens Round The Corner (Claes of Geijerstam) from the Swedish Gazell LP ‘Limelight’ GM 1205 1966

5.OMEGA GROUP: Ten Thousand Paces (Presser, Adamis) Hungarian Qualiton SP 724

6.ZION DE GALLIER: Me (De Gallier) Parlophone R5686. 1968

7.THE GNOMES OF ZURICH: Hang On Baby (Allix, Lear) CBS 202556 1967

8.THE RATTLES: Lady Love (Hildebrandt, Winhauer) German Fontana 269407 TF

9.FOGGY: She’s Far Away (Paxton) York SYK 542 1972

10.MAJORITY ONE: Get Back Home (Mizen, Wigley) Dutch Pink Elephant 22525H

11.SCHADEL: With The Sun In My Eyes (Gibb, Gibb) Pye 7N 17528. 1968

12.SOUND NETWORK: Watching (Duncan, Johnson) Mercury MF 944. 1966

13.YOUNGBLOOD: Don’t Leave Me In The Dark (Ball) Pye 7N 17495 1968

14.RAMASES: Balloon (Ramases) Philips 6113 001. 1971

15.GRAND UNION: She Said (Lennon, McCartney) CBS 3956. 1968

16.WINSTON G: Bye Bye Baby (Reed, Mason) Decca F 12623. 1967

17.PETER & THE WOLVES: Woman On My Mind (Pantry) MGM1452 1968

18.DON CURTIS & SCOOPES: In The Corners (Curtis) Swedish GP GPS 1042

19.GIORGIO: Stop (Moroder, Schmeier, Wentorf, Rainford) MCA MK5023 1970

20.THE MOOCHE: Seen Through A Light (Tatum) Pye 7N 17735. 1969