Ween – Shinola Vol. 1 (Chocodog Records)

Ween are best known for “Push Th’ Little Daisies”, one of the weirdest songs to become a hit during the ‘90s alternative boom. They’ve been releasing records ever since, including this – the first in a planned series of rarities collections. As expected from a band who thought “Push Th’ Little Daisies” was “single-worthy”, the stuff they left off their albums is pretty strange. The maddening thing about Ween is that once you get past their stupid Zappa-esque material (like “Boy’s Club” and “Big Fat Fuck”) there’s a few good songs like “I Fell In Love Today” and “Gabrielle”, which is a dead-ringer for Elvis Costello. If the brothers Ween (Gene and Dean) could write an entire album of songs like these, it would be pretty cool…I guess it also wouldn’t be Ween.

1. “Tastes Good on th’ Bun” 3:26
2. “Boys Club” 3:06
3. “I Fell in Love Today” 4:09
4. “Big Fat Fuck” 2:55
5. “Gabrielle” 3:29
6. “Did You See Me?” 5:11
7. “How High Can You Fly?” 2:39
8. “Transitions” 3:45
9. “Israel” 3:40
10. “The Rift” 5:41
11. “Monique the Freak” 5:48
12. “Someday” 3:45