Voices and Organs – Orphanage (Western Vinyl Records)

Voices and Organs’ debut album originally began as a series of short stories, which were then adapted into songs by group leader Per Lindmark with aid from some friends. It’s an interesting concept, but the execution leaves a little to be desired, as this Swedish group likes their post-rock heavy on the post and light on the rock. Each one of these eighteen songs (in all fairness I should probably call them “pieces”) are little more than a few hazy tones, maybe a few drum clicks, some guitar strums and the occasional barely sung vocals that don’t really form recognizable words. It creates an interesting mood (picture the first five seconds of a Sigur Ros song stretched out over several minutes) but several times during Orphanage I found myself wondering “Why am I listening to this, when I could listen to Sigur Ros?” and there wasn’t a good answer.