The Varukers – One Struggle One Fight (Captain Oi! Records)

If you walk behind someone with a mohawk long enough you’re likely to find a Varukers patch somewhere on their leather jacket among groups like GBH and The Exploited. I find it quite interesting that, for a group so closely associated with punk, the music on One Struggle One Fight (originally released in 1984) sounds like thrash and speed-metal. The only difference between Varukers songs like “Persistent Resistance” and your average Slayer, Exodus or Overkill song is the lyrical content, which avoids the cartoonish evil themes of speed metal and concentrates on equally cartoonish themes of protest and struggle. What are the Varukers angry about? Well let’s see…there’s Thatcher, nuclear war, South African Apartheid, animal abuse, the military…and a host of other abuses by mankind. Sure they’ve got a good reason to be angry but their tuneless thrash doesn’t do much to inspire thought. The original thirteen songs have been padded out with nine bonus tracks…the question is, how much can you take?


  • Persistent Resistance
  • We Hint at Things Nuclear
  • In South Africa
  • Fear of Mankind, The
  • Will They Never Learn – (live)
  • Killed by Man`s Own Hand
  • Animals an Animal
  • Protect Not Disect
  • How Can Your Conscience Allow This to Go On
  • Stop the Killing
  • Enter of a New Phase – (live)
  • Lesson We Must Never Forget, A
  • One Struggle One Fight
  • Massacred Millions
  • Thatcher`s Fortress
  • Will They Never Learn
  • Bomb Blast, The
  • United We Stand
  • Stop the Killing
  • Blood Money
  • Seek & Destroy
  • We Have the Right