Toy – Toy (Heavenly Recordings / Cooperative Music


I usually like atmospheric guitar-heavy British rock bands, but this London group isn’t doing anything for me. Their self-titled debut album tries to occupy the same space Interpol, Doves and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club inhabited a decade ago, but lacks the tunes or the chops to pull it off. If anything, they remind me of The Horrors (a band I find shallow), but singer Tom Dougall’s voice doesn’t even leave a lasting impression like Faris Badwan. In fact, his sleepy monotone leaves no impression at all. I can at the very least credit Toy (and producer Dan Carey) with making an exceptionally well-produced album; with all the guitar effects and synthy atmospheres you’ve come to expect from the genre. But where’s the passion? Where’s the personality? Where are the songs demanding to be heard over and over again? Not here.


1. Colours Running Out

2. Reasons Why

3. Dead & Gone

4. Lose My Way

5. Drifting Deeper

6. Motoring

7. My Heart Skips A Beat

8. Strange

9. Make It Mine

10. Omni

11. Walk Up To Me

12. Kopte