Ten East – The Robot’s Guide To Freedom (Lexicon Devil Records)

Ten East are yet another Gary Arce instrumental project (does the man know any singers?), this time pairing him with Dark Tooth Encounter drummer Bill Stinson, Kyuss bassist Scott Reeder, Red Fang guitarist Brian Giles and Greg Ginn from Black Flag. Ten East are the most enjoyable of Arce’s current groups thanks to the dynamic full band sound that’s also not afraid to be forceful. Plus it’s got Greg Ginn, who plays organ on four songs and guitar on three others. Think he’s lost anything since Black Flag? Think again – he rips as hard as ever on the punishing “Hogbreath” and the Sabbath-y riff-mongers “Moontail” and “Lockjaw”. The man should play guitar on every Ten East song. Cool stuff.