The Stoneage Hearts – Guilty As Sin (Alive Records)

Dom Mariani is a longtime fixture on Australia’s garage rock scene, playing with The Stems, DM3, and now his new trio, The Stoneage Hearts, who continue kicking out the jams, 1966-style. For this project he’s heavily influenced by Nuggets II box-set of garage rock from the world outside of the United States. While it’s hard to completely reproduce the original sound of those great 1960s bands, The Stoneage Hearts come close several times. “Trouble Girl” offers some tasty twelve-string guitar and organ that would make you would swear it’s an Animals cover (it’s not). From the Bo Diddley beat of “I’m For You”, to the thumping cover of The Creation’s “Biff Bang Pow”, these guys clearly know their stuff. The only dud is “Rock ‘N’ Roll Boys, Rock ‘N’ Roll Girls” which features silly lyrics like “With my friends I wanna Kick Out The Jams, and do the dance of 1,000 Lands”. Lyrical gaffes aside, Guilty As Sin is a fine piece of garage-revivalism, and I bet their live shows are pretty good too.

1. Eye of a Lie
2. Your Smile
3. Green With Envy
4. Fussy Garbos
5. Trouble Girl
6. Rock’n’Roll Boys Rock’n’Roll Girls
7. Your Greed
8. I’m for You
9. Get Down
10. Sick of You
11. Biff Bang Pow