South Ambulance – EP #6 (Indiecater Records)

Stockholm’s South Ambulance get the most out of seventeen-minutes of music on their latest – the sixth EP in an ongoing series. Their songs are melancholic shanties that walk the line between large-scale shoegaze epics and homespun C86 twee racket. It’s the kind of music that begs the question “Why aren’t South Ambulance signed to Slumberland Records?” Give songs like the Syd Barrett-meets-Television Personalities opener “In The Morning” and the stunning “Shitloads Of Gold” a few spins, and get converted. Compelling stuff.

South Ambulance – EP#4 and EP#5 (Indiecater Records)

Stockholm, Sweden’s South Ambulance have been putting out sequentially numbered EPs since 2004, when they released EP #1 on CD-R. EPs #4 and #5 from 2009 display tremendous growth in a short period of time. EP #4 has the band’s core sound, a combination of 1980s British indie-pop, Creation-style shoegaze and the sun-drenched bounciness of twee-pop. The songs are good, but the recording is lo-fi and unbalanced, which makes it less enjoyable. EP #5, released just three months later, has a far better sound and better songs, like “Dear Mutiny” – a beautiful melancholic study in how to build tension, “They Stick Together” which cross-pollinates Arcade Fire and The Boo Radleys, and “The Stay Away” which has just about every guitar sound that you could ever hope for in a three-minute song. Supposedly there’s an EP #6 scheduled for 2010, and if the band can maintain the same kind of upward trajectory, it should be cause for celebration.



  1. Davy Crockett
  2. Flowers
  3. I Think Of Death
  4. King Of The Geeks
  5. Kinky Love


  1. Dear Mutiny
  2. They Stick Together
  3. What The Doctor Said
  4. The Stay Away
  5. Circling With Thee
  6. Rabid Ghost