Sky Parade – Intoxicated (Custom Made Music)

You’ll know what the third album from LA rockers Sky Parade sounds like if you just look at the people who made it. With an ex-member of The Brian Jonestown Massacre behind the mic (Tommy Dietrick) and guest appearances from two Dandy Warhols (Courtney and Zia), you can all but hear pop-psych affectations colliding with 1990s British alt-rock influences. Sky Parade are cut from the same cloth as the bands they associate with, but they do bring something of their own to the mix. Unfortunately, that something is terrible lyrics. “See The World From The Stars” probably wasn’t getting added to the Library of Congress’ music collection anytime soon, regardless of the lyrics; but there’s no excuse for a grown man to write a song with a chorus of “See the world from the stars/Everybody c’mon” and then repeat that chorus ad infinitum. Nor is there an excuse for “Distant Voices”, an abomination of a song that sounds like Bono singing Poison’s “Every Rose Has Its Thorn”. If that wasn’t bad enough, it features G’n’R keyboardist Dizzy Reed. As uninspired as these songs are, Sky Parade hits a noise-pop sweet spot on “Hold Me Till I Die”, which recalls the superior sound of their first album, Fire In The Sky.



1                                                             Intoxicated
2                                                             I Should Be Coming Up (But I Keep Coming Down)
3                                                             Hold Me Till I Die
4                                                             See The World From The Stars
5                                                             The Devils In Your Eyes
6                                                             Lonely Alibis
7                                                             I Wanna Feel Alive
8                                                             Never Look Back
9                                                             A Storm Is Rising
10                                                             Foolish Pride
11                                                             Distant Voices