Singapore Sling – Life Is Killing My Rock’n’Roll (Stinky Records)

Singapore Sling are an Icelandic six-piece whose sophomore release brings nothing to the table except a tired re-hash of something the Reid brothers would have (wisely) left off of Psychocandy. There’s nothing wrong with a band putting their influences proudly on display (especially an influence as white-hot as early Jesus and Mary Chain), but it doesn’t add up to much if you don’t write good songs. Unfortunately, there isn’t a winner in these twelve tracks, as the band are hampered by weak vocals, aimless melodies, and overall laziness. Heck, in just the past few years The Raveonettes and The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have done more with same source material. In addition to the crimes listed above, let’s also subtract points for 1) Naming the album after a bad pun on a Suicide song-title (“Rock’n’Roll Is Killing My Life”), 2) Needing six people to make a weaker version of what the The Jesus and Mary Chain made with three, 3) Having a guy in the band named Iggy Sniff, 4) Having a guy in the band who wears an eye-patch, and 5) Having a press release that compares them to The Standells, The Sonics, Them and The Rolling Stones while sounding nothing like them. Fittingly, this album was released on Stinky Records.