Sigur Ros – Saeglopur (Worker’s Institute Records)

This CD/DVD is very similar to the package Sigur Ros released for “Untitled 1” from their ( ) album. First is the album track, in this case “Saeglopur”, a gentle lullaby which blossoms into a soaring rock track that could power its way into even the most hardened cynic’s heart. Next up are three exclusive B-sides (“Refur”, “O Fridur” and “Kafari”) which are little more than instrumental sketches. As if to say “these didn’t require much effort”, lead singer Jonsi’s voice appears on just one of them, and briefly at that. If you want to hear how soul-crushingly good Sigur Ros’ B-sides (and music itself) can be, check out their apocalyptic re-working of early song “Hafssol” on the flip-side of Hoppipola. The DVD has three videos from Takk. “Glosoli” is the best: a Peter Pan-esque video, poetically shot in a stunning Icelandic countryside, with an ending that (much like Radiohead’s video for “Just”) leaves you guessing. “Hoppipola” is more whimsical, recasting a group elderly people as young children getting into mischief (lighting firecrackers, playing ring’n’run, throwing water balloons…etc). The underwater video for “Saeglopur” is beautifully shot and its story of a drowning fits with the song’s dark and ominous nature. Most band’s videos are usually little more than fun diversions, but with Sigur Ros they’re often as essential as the music that inspired them. Don’t get this for amazing B-sides, get it for the videos.

  • “Sæglópur” (8:12)
  • “Refur” (2:45)
  • “Ó friður” (4:48)
  • “Kafari” (6:11)