Short Cross – Arising (Gear Fab Records)

Virginia hard rock band Short Cross released Arising back in 1972 after years of working their way through the local club scene. They only sold 300 copies thanks to bad business decisions and limited opportunities to get heard outside of the tiny Virginia rock market, but despite the meager sales the album is pretty good and it even managed to land them a spot opening a few shows for Black Sabbath. The music is pretty straightforward hard-rock – a blend of Blue Cheer, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple, with a touch of the percussion-led jams of Santana. They had strong musical chops and plenty of attitude to boot, as evidenced in aggressive numbers like “Nothin’ But A Woman”, “Just Don’t Care” as well as the psychedelic “Till We Reach The Sun”. Perhaps the strangest song is the weepy McCartney-esque ballad “Ellen” where the band does a complete 180 degree turn, trading in blistering guitars for a string section. The song is a little out of step with the rest of the album, but genuinely affecting, and it would sound at home on classic rock radio. A few songs lean too heavily towards lame Southern boogie-rock, but the album should still be sought out by anyone with an ear for underground sounds from the early days of hard rock and heavy metal.


  1. Nothin’ but a Woman 5:24
  2. Wastin Time 3:46
  3. Suicide Blues 7:01
  4. Just Don’t Care 4:27
  5. On My Own 4:56
  6. Till We Reach the Sun 4:53
  7. Ellen 5:50
  8. Hobo Love Song 4:46

Bonus Tracks:

  1. On My Own (stereo mix of A-side of 45*) 2:50
  2. Marching off to War (stereo mix of B-side of 45*) 2:57
  3. That’s Her Train (unreleased stereo mix) 2:54
  4. Bomb (unfinished demo – mono) 4:04
  5. Before It Rains (unfinished demo – mono) 3:28