Secrets Between Sailors – Now Hear This! (Hops Records)

Now, Hear This! [Explicit]

I really liked Secrets Between Sailors’ 2009 self-titled debut album for its combination of big early-’70s hard rock heroics and post-hardcore aggression. Unfortunately, Now Hear This! brings the Bloomington band’s momentum to a screeching halt. They’ve scaled back their aggressive edge, and taken on a Springsteen/Hold Steady faux working-class vibe, which completely ruins them. The problem with dialing down the volume is that Kyle Burkett’s awkward vocals are left over-exposed. Worse, Now Hear This!, reminds me of all those faceless bands that had one hit single on alternative radio in the back half of the ’90s, and that’s never a good thing.


1. Get Together

2. Lioness

3. The Year Of Plenty

4. Burn Out

5. Hard To Be A Man

6. Bald Is Beautiful

7. The Way You Are

8. Backbreaker

9. Your Voice

10. Tiny Pieces