The Pixies – LoudQuietLoud: A Film About The Pixies (MVD Visual)

One of the great rock stories of this decade has been the massively successful reformation of The Pixies’ original lineup in 2004. Their influence consistently grew since they broke up in 1992 causing them to get back together and take a lucrative victory lap around the globe. Sounds pretty simple, but thanks to a multitude of unresolved issues it wasn’t. At times the tension between the four band-members is almost unbearable to watch. It’s the kind of tension that would force most people to crack, which happens to drummer David Lovering who has a brief flirtation with drugs and alcohol on the road. The film is an insightful look at the dichotomy of a group that loves the big crowds and paychecks that they can’t get on their own, but it also comprised of four completely different individuals who aren’t comfortable in a room with each other. The good news is that band seem to be getting along well enough to record a new album. Regardless of how that album turns out this DVD is a perfect souvenir for fans that never thought they’d see them on stage together again.