Outrageous Cherry – Seemingly Solid Reality (Alive Records)

I loved this Detroit outfit’s brilliant psych-pop album trilogy (Out There In The Dark, The Book Of Spectral Projections and Supernatural Equinox), but since then each Outrageous Cherry album has generated diminishing returns. Seemingly Solid Reality continues that downward spiral with a significant drop in quality. It’s not that the songs are bad. In fact, they’re pretty interchangeable with anything else from their post-2003 output. It’s the absolutely terrible recording quality. OC main-man (and usually brilliant producer) Matthew Smith completely destroys Seemingly Solid Reality with a flat and lifeless sound even the world’s best songs couldn’t overcome. “Forces Of Evil” could have been one of the bands best songs from the past few years, but not with that cheap drum and bass sound. Call it lo-fi if you want, I’ll just call it garbage.


1. Seemingly Solid Reality 2:13

2. Unbalanced In The City 3:12

3. Fell 2:52

4. My Ghetto 2:43

5. Self-Made Monster 3:06

6. The Happy Hologram 3:41

7. Nothing’s Changed 3:28

8. Forces Of Evil 3:14

9. I Like It 3:10

10. Unamerican Girls 3:39

11. The Unimportant Things 4:14

Outrageous Cherry – Universal Malcontents (Alive Records)

Although they haven’t reached the same majestic space-punk heights they scaled a decade ago with Out There In The Dark and The Book Of Spectral Projections (both highly recommended), Outrageous Cherry have spent the last ten years making enjoyable psychedelic pop records for a small but dedicated fan-base. Universal Malcontents is their first album for Alive Records, but the label is the only thing that seems to have changed, as none of these ten songs would sound out of place on their three previous albums. Although their growth has slowed, they’re still making good songs, typically alternating between slow “Crimson and Clover”-styled psychedelic foppery on “Anymore”, “Feels Like Shadows” and “Horizon” or a glammy early 1970’s Stones-boogie on “I Recognized Her”, “I Wouldn’t Treat My Enemies The Way You Treat Yourself” and the tellingly titled “It’s Not Rock N’ Roll (And I Don’t Like It)”. Perhaps the bloom is off the rose, but as long as they put out music as good as Universal Malcontents, that’s OK with me.

01. I Recognized Her
02. Anymore
03. It’s Not Rock N’ Roll (And I Don’t Like It)
04. Feels Like Shadows
05. The Song Belongs to Everyone
06. I Wouldn’t Treat My Enemies the Way You Treat Yourself
07. Horizon
08. Get out While You Can
09. Outsider
10. Memory