The Morning Clouds – Wasted Youth Blues (Self-Released)

Denver resident Josh Wambeke has been putting out quality shoegaze/space-rock albums for over a decade as part of sorely underrated groups Phineas Gage and Fell. Judging by his latest project’s debut five-song EP, The Morning Clouds are a continuation of the sound he’s been developing over that time, with reverb-bathed songs that unfold slowly into something hypnotic and dreamlike. The thing that separates The Morning Clouds from his previous groups are the chord progressions that recall early surf ballads, although the lyrics have absolutely nothing to do with surfing. Imagination “Little Surfer Girl” being covered by Surfer Blood, and you have a pretty good idea of what The Morning Clouds are up to. Having trouble picturing that? No worries. You can check out the whole thing over at Bandcamp and download it for a price of your own choice. My only complaint is that Wasted Youth Blues’ twenty-two minutes of music go by too quickly and I’m left wanting more. Highly recommended.