Made In Iceland (Iceland Music Export)

Iceland has been a hotbed of alternative music in the last decade, and they haven’t been shy about trying to export it either. With Sigur Ros and Bjork generating significant sales the Made In Iceland compilation is a musical guide for sampling some of the nation’s other musical delights. You might think that every Icelandic band is a pixie-voiced post-rock act like Bjork, Sigur Ros or Mum, but there’s a plethora of musical styles to be found here: Belle and Sebastian-esque indie-pop from Seabear, Hjaltalin and Bang Gang, club-diva pop from Steed Lord, T-Rex glam-stomp from Mugison, folky sounds from Emiliana Torrini and Olof Arnalds (who should not be confused with Olafur Arnalds, who also has a song on here), among other styles. And yes, there’s a few post-rock numbers too. The bands that stand out the most are Sigur Ros (doing “Inni Mer Syngur Vitleysingur” from Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Syngium Endalaust), Bang Gang, and FM Belfast whose “Lotus” cheekily steals lyrics from Rage Against The Machine angst-anthem “Killing In The Name Of” and re-purposes them as harmless dancefloor fodder. Regardless of the genre, most of these songs somehow evoke Iceland’s cold-yet-devastatingly beautiful geography – this is music for National Geographic-style photo-spreads of glaciers and hot springs.