LSD and the Search For God – LSD and the Search For God (Mind Expansion Records)

If nothing else, this California group has taught me not judge a book by its’ cover. The band’s name and album cover photo of an acid tab resting on a finger had me expecting 7-13 minute psychedelic jams with quasi-hippie ramblings. Much to my pleasant surprise, it’s  actually a full-on shoegaze assault of crazed guitar sounds coupled with ethereal male/female vocals that stand shyly in the corner while the music takes the spotlight. It’s the perfect cure for anyone who misses the Creation Records scene of the late-1980s and early-1990s. “Backwards” is the best example of the group’s disorienting shoegaze sound, with shimmering guitar-work and an underlying sense of propulsion that never quits until the song is over. My only complaint is the rough production puts the vocals so deep in the mix they’re overpowered by the tidal waves of guitar. It’s a shame ,as Sophia Campbell and Andy Liszt voices weave in and out of each other seamlessly like the Kevin Shields/Belinda Butcher harmonies of yore. Still, considering the band put this out themselves, I imagine they’d sound better with some label-funded studio time. The only question is, who will be their Alan McGee?