The Low Frequency In Stereo – The Last Temptation Of (Gigantic Music)

Last Temptation of

This Nowegian quartet’s 3rd full-length sounds like a cool time-travelling 1960s psychedelic garage-rock group playing songs from the 21st century. The twanging surf-guitars, antiquated production and cheapo organ will have you thinking Nuggets, but the throbbing bass-lines and abstract, almost paranoid, vocals could only come from a modern band with good collection of post-punk records (I’ll guess Wire and Joy Division rate high for The Low Frequency In Stereo). I like how they comfortably move from punkier numbers like “Jimmy Legs” to something like “Axes” which rides a motorik Kraut-rock groove down the Autobahn and up into the stratosphere. The group claims their intention when recording is “to create a soundtrack to your mind”, and this album achieves that lofty goal.