The Koala – The Koala (Fallout Records)

The Koala were a late-’60s group from New York who released one album on Capitol Records, where some genius decided to market them as Aussies…without the band’s permission! The group got wind of this and broke up soon after the album’s release, guaranteeing it a life of obscurity. Now that the market for 1960’s psych/garage obscurities is strong, Fallout Records has put the album out on CD for the first time, and it’s surprisingly good. The Koala may be a cute and fuzzy animal, but this band was the exact opposite, playing aggressive music influenced by Hendrix, The Who and The Small Faces. This is no average period-piece though, thanks to the Jose Mala’s leering vocals (he also sang for ’70s glitter-rockers The Magic Tramps and The Joe Perry Project) and the innovative psychedelic guitar playing of Joey Guido and Louis Cane. You could even make a case that the album anticipates 1970s hard-rock and punk. This proves there are still some undiscovered gems sitting in record company vaults.


1.) Don’t You Know What I Mean

2.) Look At the Way She Comes

3.) Poor Discarded Baby

4.) Nothing’s Changed

5.) She’s a Lady

6.) Colours of Our Rainbow

7.) Poppa Duke Tyler

8.) Stranger Feelings

9.) Elizabeth

10.) You Say

11.) Yesterday’s Rain