Jet (UK) – Jet/Even More Light Than Shade (RPM Records)

Not the Australian group, this Jet featured ex-members of The Nice, John’s Children and Sparks hopping on the glam bandwagon in 1975 – about three years too late to cash in on it’s commercial peak. Jet had a few good ideas (“Start Here,” “It Would Be Good,” and “Nothing To Do With Us”) and some really bad ones (“Fax’n’Info,” “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend,” and “Whangdepootenahwah” are as annoying and cheap as their titles). Although they can’t compete with Bowie, Bolan and Roxy, Jet are still worth investigating for underground (aka junk-shop) glam fans. A second disc with seventy-six minutes of demos and live songs titled Even More Light Than Shade doesn’t add anything substantial. 


Track Listing:

  • DISC 1: JET:
    1. Start Here
    2. Brian Damage
    3. It Would Be Good
    4. Song for Hymn
    5. Nothing to Do with Us
    6. Tittle-Tattle
    7. Fax`n`Info
    8. My River
    9. Diamonds Are a Girl`s Best Friend
    10. Whangdepootenawah
    11. Cover Girl
    12. Quandary
    1. Desdemona
    2. My River
    3. Start Here
    4. Cover Girl [Studio Demo] – (previously unreleased)
    5. Around the World in Eighty Minutes
    6. Horrible Breath – (previously unreleased, live)
    7. Lady Ricochet
    8. We Love Noise
    9. Tax Loss
    10. Our Boys
    11. Hand on My Heart
    12. Johnny Mekon
    13. Diamonds Are a Girl`s Best Friend – (previously unreleased, live)
    14. Song for Hymn – (previously unreleased, live)
    15. Nothing to Do with Us – (previously unreleased, live)
    16. Lazy Sunday [Studio Demo] – (previously unreleased)
    17. Uncle Evil
    18. Don`t Cry Joe
    19. Antler
    20. Brian Damage – (previously unreleased, live)
    21. Medley: It Would Be Good/Diamonds Are a Girl`s Best Friend/Whangdepootenaway – (live)