FüXA – FüXA Commits Suicide (Mind Expansion Records)

Commits Suicide Ep

Experimental psych-artist Füxa’s latest is a four-song tribute to one of their biggest influences, Suicide. The single features covers of Suicide classics “Girl” and “Cheree” (the latter in regular and remixed forms) as well as a new song called “4th Abductions” co-written by Suicide’s Martin Rev, who’s also credited in the liner notes with playing the “orchestra”. Dean Wareham (Luna, Dean and Britta, Galaxie 500) handles vocals on “Cheree” and Sonic Boom (Spacemen 3, Spectrum, E.A.R.) does the vocals and keyboards on “Girl”.

The single’s minimalist-psychedelic-love-fest thing works well, with both versions of “Cheree” maintaining the original’s twinkling beauty, while daring to go someplace new by adding a full band and heavy ambient effects to the mix. “Girl” doesn’t stray very far from the original 1977 blueprint, but that’s just fine and it’s always exciting to hear Sonic Boom’s voice on something new. The new song, “4th  Abductions” is a nine-minute drone-ambient instrumental that doesn’t sound much different than your average new-age song. That one track aside, if you like Suicide, or the people involved in making this single, chances are good you’ll be pleased with the single itself.