Fell – Incoherent Lullabies (Camera Obscura Records)

Incoherent Lullabies

Fell’s second album was supposed to come out back in 2008 got delayed due to Camera Obscura label owner Tony Dale’s illness. Now it’s finally seeing the light of day, which is great news for fans, but it’s also coming out dangerously soon after the band’s third album A Farewell To Echoes. This problem is compounded by Incoherent Lullabies lo-fi production, which makes for an awkward follow-up to the richer sound heard on A Farewell To Echoes. The stifling production aside, the band still draws you in with their atmospheric slow-drift tunes, especially the spacey “Dust On Countertops”, which features a spooky organ and ranks among the group’s finest compositions. I usually have no idea what band leader Josh Wambeke is saying, but he sounds good doing it, aided by a bevy of vocal effects such as the backwards reverb on “1997”. If you only want one new Fell album, A Farewell To Echoes is the better of the two, but Incoherent Lullabies is charming in its own way and totally worth tracking down.


1. Follow-Up Anxiety
2. Dust on Countertops
3. 1997
4. Measured
5. 25
6. Tilted
7. Beacon
8. Floor Song
9. Tour Starts in September
10. As I Ran
11. A Million Miniscule Christmas Lights