Everything Is Fine – Ghosts Are Knocking On Walls (Tract Records)

Loneliness, despair, isolation…these are the emotions Portland’s Everything is Fine cover on Ghosts Are Knocking On Walls. Eleven unrelentingly downbeat songs would be tough to sit through if it wasn’t so achingly beautiful. The star of the show is lead singer Mark Manning, whose voice sounds vaguely like Chris Martin, if he were singing songs for himself in a mid-western log cabin instead of trying to be Bono on a stadium stage. Thanks to Manning’s stellar falsetto, Everything Is Fine’s music is uplifting even when he’s singing depressing lyrics like “I cannot take another year” (“1,000 Seconds”). Credit the band too for adding tremendous color to the music through washes of shoegaze guitar sound and hard-hitting drums on the louder tracks “Cold Click” and “Today Is The Day”. All in all, Ghosts Are Knocking On Walls is astonishingly accomplished.


1 1000 Seconds
2 Over the Road
3 Burning Coals
4 Cold Click
5 Dark Houses
6 Devil Lives In Your Smile
7 Half Hour
8 Long Night
9 Today Is The Day
10 Vapor Trails And Light
11 Db Cooper
12 Day Is Done