Editors – The Back Room (Fader Label)

UK group Editors (no “the”) have been making a big impression with The Back Room. Their debut’s mix of U2/Bunnymen hugeness and Ian Curtis-via-Paul Banks vocals has captured the imagination of critics and given them a sizable fan base (they just sold out 1,200 capacity Irving Plaza here in New York). It’s easy to see why too – The Back Room is one of the better debuts in recent memory. For a young band to sound this commanding and fully realized is a rare thing. Whether doing melancholy ballads like “Fall” or high energy tracks like the instantly catchy singles “Munich” and “Bullets”, Editors always impress, thanks to Tom Smith’s passionate vocals and Chris Urbanowidz chiming guitar parts played with Edge-style delay. The high point is the six-minute  “Open Your Arms” which starts out like a lost Joy Division song and keeps growing and growing until the ending which finds the band pounding away furiously with Smith singing-then-yelling the phrase “Open your arms and welcome/People to your town” as if it was the 11th Commandment and not just some lyrics to a song. They may be the next great British guitar-rock band.


1. “Lights” 2:31
2. “Munich” 3:46
3. “Blood” 3:29
4. “Fall” 5:06
5. “All Sparks” 3:33
6. “Camera” 5:02
7. “Fingers in the Factories” 4:14
8. “Bullets” 3:09
9. “Someone Says” 3:13
10. “Open Your Arms” 6:00
11. “Distance”