Eagles Of Death Metal – Heart On (Downtown Records)

On their third album Eagles of Death Metal travel further down the path of good-time rock and roll, oozing with ironic over-the-top male sexuality and rock posturing. As with previous albums, the shtick is lathered on so thick that it can be hard to see that they (Jessie Hughes, Josh Homme and a rotating cast of others) have real musical chops and know a thing or two about song-craft. Those with a keen ear will hear bluegrass, country-blues and early rock and roll beneath their lunk-headed veneer, although these influences are pushed further into the background with each passing album. Once you get past the tongue-in-cheek songs about girls, dancing, rocking or boogying (and if you can’t get past it, I won’t blame you), Heart On also delivers hard-rocking fun on the James Brown homage “(I Used To Couldn’t Dance) Tight Pants” and the sleazy Stones-styled title track. Perhaps Heart On doesn’t boast anything as immediately appealing as old EoDM favorites “I Want You So Hard”, “Kiss The Devil” and “Speaking In Tongues”, and the lo-fi two-guitar no-bass attack from their debut is missed, but it’s still a groovy listen if you don’t take it too seriously.