The Dears – Degeneration Street (Dangerbird Records)

Degeneration Street

The Dears’ music has always been about grand scale drama, but Degeneration Street is their grandest record yet. Each of the album’s fourteen songs court descriptive terms like “epic”, “stadium”, “huge”…etc., which is an interesting move for a band whose live shows usually only attract a few hundred people. Circa 2004-2006, The Dears were almost exclusively compared to Morrissey and Blur, thanks to singer Murray Lightburn, likely the most British-sounding singer to come from Montreal. However, these days they’re sounding increasingly like Arcade Fire, Muse and Radiohead with each passing release. In fact, “5 Chords” and “Yesteryear” beat Arcade Fire at their own game, and “Galactic Tides” is pretty much a rewrite of Radiohead’s “Exit Music (For A Film),” though it doesn’t quite induce the same level of chills. Their penchant for grandiosity, and hour-long run-time make Degenration Street feel like a meal of rich food with over-sized portions. Each bite tastes good, but you’ll find yourself feeling full before it ends.



  • “Omega Dog” – 5:01
  • “5 Chords” – 3:34
  • “Blood” – 4:09
  • “Thrones” – 4:33
  • “Lamentation” – 4:20
  • “Torches” – 1:36
  • “Galactic Tides” – 4:38
  • “Yesteryear” – 3:51
  • “Stick With Me Kid” – 3:28
  • “Tiny Man” – 5:04
  • “Easy Suffering” – 4:33
  • “Unsung” – 4:15
  • “1854” – 5:23
  • “Degeneration Street” – 4:57