The Crazy People – Bedlam (Gear Fab Records)

Rarely have a band name and album title so perfectly captured the essence of their music as they do on this mysterious Canadian group’s sole album. Not much is known about The Crazy People, including the identity of its members, but whoever they were, they must have had access to a particularly strong batch of LSD. That’s the only way to explain the raving mad music they made – part late 1960’s funky psychedelia, part Zappa-esque send up and part weedy sound collage (the word “head” – a slang term for pot-head – appears in no less than three song titles). As a group of songs, Bedlam is all over the place, but there’s something charming about its zany, albeit dated, attitude. If nothing else, you’d be hard pressed to find another album that sounds like it – for better or worse. As a non-musical aside, the back cover incorrectly lists the playing time as 19:27. Strong LSD indeed.




1. Parade At The Funny Farm

2. Head Amusement

3. Raunchy Boogaloo

4. After Six

5. The Truth

6. Head Games and Assorted Other Crap

7. Head Job

8. Happy Academy

9. Trans Luv Airlines

10. Let’s Split