Cobra Verde – Copycat Killers (Scat Records)

Copycat Killers

Ohio’s Cobra Verde are best-known for the brief period when Robert Pollard hired them to be Guided By Voices for 1997’s Mag Earwhig. They should also be known for Copycat Killers – a rare covers album that actually works. Cobra Verde have succeeded where others have failed because they chose an eclectic array of source material (New Order, Pink, Leonard Cohen, Hawkwind, The Fall, Donna Summers, The Rolling Stones…etc.) and they take many of the songs in new directions. Pink’s pop anthem “Get The Party Started” is deliciously re-imagined as an early-’70s Marvin/Curtis-style soul jam. New Order’s “Temptation” is presented as a low-key garage rocker with vocals that sound like Jarvis Cocker with a bad hangover. Leonard Cohen’s “So Long, Maryanne,” is a seven-minute epic capturing all the sentiment of the original version with haunting atmospherics. Other songs stay closer to their famliar versions: The Troggs “I Want You” retains the “Wild Thing” chords and caveman stomp of the original, and “Teenage Kicks” keeps all the smart pop sensibilities of The Undertones’ 1978 classic.


  1. Get the Party Started (Pink)
  2. Underpants (Easter Monkeys, new version)
  3. Temptation (New Order)
  4. I Feel Love (Donna Summer/Giorgio Moroder)
  5. Urban Guerilla (Hawkwind)
  6. I Want You (The Troggs)
  7. Play With Fire (Rolling Stones)
  8. Teenage Kicks (Undertones)
  9. Yesterday’s Numbers (Flamin’ Groovies)
  10. The Dice Man (The Fall)
  11. So Long, Marianne (Leonard Cohen)
  12. Rock and Roll Queen (Mott the Hoople)