Blitzing The Ballroom: 20 UK Power Glam Incendiaries (Past and Present Records)

The subtitle nicely sums up Blitzing The Ballroom: Twenty songs from the heyday of British Glam, but not the classics you know from Slade, Sweet, T-Rex…etc. The groups on Blitzing barely sold any records, but these long-forgotten songs still sound good today. All the traits of a proper glam song are here – catchy clap-along choruses with gloriously dumb lyrics (ex: “Wildcat girl/You’re really out this world”), guitarists that sound like Mick Ronson or Brian May, singers that flip-flop between tough and effeminate…etc. Blitzing won’t raise your IQ, but it’s a fun way to spend sixty-three minutes. It doesn’t have the same high percentage of “lost classics” as the similar Velvet Tinmine and Boobs compilations (buy these first if you’re interested in rare glam), but I’ll keep coming back to Angel’s catchy “Little Boy Blue”, Pete Dunton’s awesome psych-glam “Taking Time” and the T-Rex-ish “Poser” by Frenzy.


1. SHAMBLES: Hello

2. TIGER: I’m An Animal

3. ANGEL: Little Boy

4. TRUE ADVENTURE: Outlaw Love

5. CHANGE: Wildcat

6. STUMPY: Keep It Coming

7. UNION EXPRESS: Do You Love Me

8. ABACUS: Indian Dancer


10. PANTHER: One Man Band

11. WINSTON: Mona

12. FRENZY: Poser 13. BULLFROG: Glancy

14. PETE DUNTON: Taking Time

15. TIM DANDY: Run, Run, Run, Run, Run

16. GIGGLES: High School Girls

17. STEPHEN: Right On Running Man

18. SCREEMER: Billy

19. SAKKARIN: Hang On Sloopy

20. FYNNIUS FOGG: Roller Skating Baby