Blind Mr. Jones – Over My Head: The Complete Recordings (Cherry Red Records)

Over My Head: The Complete Recordings

Marlow, England’s Blind Mr. Jones are shoegaze footnotes, with two moderately received albums and several EP’s released in the early-1990s. They mixed Ride (Alan McGee thought they sounded too much alike to sign them), Chapterhouse and Slowdive (whose Neil Halstead worked with them early on), as well as The Cure and New Order. All great influences, but Blind Mr. Jones (named after the first two songs on The Talking Heads’ Naked) never found their own voice. Hardcore shoegaze fans will probably lap this up with glee, even though, with thirty-two songs on two discs, all that mediocrity is hard to stomach. Radiohead completists might like this too, since a pre-Pablo Honey Johnny Greenwood plays harmonica on “Featherweight” – although the liner-notes say he disliked the song and compared it to muzak.


CD One


Spooky Vibes

Regular Disease

Small Caravan

Flying With Lux

Henna And Swayed

Lonesome Boatman

Unforgettable Waltz

Going On Cold

Spook Easy

One Watt Above Darkness


Against The Glass

Over My Head

Eyes Wide

Fading Fast


CD Two



Viva Fisher

See You Again

Big Plane

Drop For Days

Surfer Baby

Please Me

What S Going On




Easy Tiger

Slow Thang

Stereo Musicale