Beady Eye – Different Gear, Still Speeding (Dangerbird)

Everyone, myself included, will compare Beady Eye to Oasis; and why shouldn’t they? The band is essentially latter-day Oasis minus Noel Gallagher. Sonically, they pick up right where Oasis left off on 2008’s Dig Out Your Soul and just like latter-day Oasis, Different Gear, Still Speeding has a few really good songs and some that men in their 40’s should feel downright silly trying to execute (and this extends to the terrible drug-pun album title). The opener, “Four Letter Word” is a bold up-tempo psych-rocker, which bodes well for the album. Unfortunately, once it ends the bad ideas start to come fast and furious. The worst of them is undoubtedly “The Roller”, yet another pointless Lennon/Beatles rip-off in the Gallagher songbook. It’s fine to be influenced by a band, or even nick a few bits and pieces outright, but Liam Gallagher’s Beatles obsession has no subtlety, charm or humor – qualities The Beatles had in spades. On “The Roller”, Gallagher and Co. pick at the carcasses of “Instant Karma” and “All You Need Is Love”, but don’t come up with a song nearly as meaningful. While this is the worst of Beady Eye’s Beatle-referencing, it’s unfortunately not the only example – excessive “Hey Jude”-style chorus repetition (which is the worst aspect of The Beatles to ape) ruins “Kill For A Dream”, and they actually had the balls to write a song called “Beatles and Stones” – and then steal the riff from “My Generation” for it! The chorus to that song contains the lines “I’m gonna stand the test of time/Like Beatles and Stones”. Perhaps Liam, but it ain’t gonna be for this spotty album.


  1. Four Letter Word
  2. Millionaire
  3. The Roller
  4. Beatles And Stones
  5. Wind Up Dream
  6. Bring The Light
  7. For Anyone
  8. Kill For A Dream
  9. Standing On The Edge Of The Noise
  10. Wigwam
  11. Three Ring Circus
  12. The Beat Goes On

13. The Morning Son