BBQ – Tie Your Noose (Bomp)

BBQ’s isn’t a “garage band” as much as it’s a “garage man”. That man, Mark Sultan (also of Les Sexareenos), plays every single instrument heard on this record….at the same time. That’s right, you heard me. He plays drums with his feet, guitar with his hands, and wears a tambourine like a necklace. While he’s actually not the first person to do this, it’s still pretty cool.

What’s even cooler than the gimmick are the 12 tracks of primal garage rock ooze Tie Your Noose offers up,  rapid-fire-style, in just over a half hour. It was recorded live over three-nights in Montreal, but sounds like a recently un-earthed artifact from another era altogether. Mixing early Kinks, The Sonics and the wildest ’50s rock you can think of, it’s not unlike the garage/frat rock that poured out of the Northwestern United States in the early-’60s. The one-man band approach doesn’t allow for a lot of dynamics, build-up or noodling. However, these limitations hardly ever become noticeable because you’ll be too busy shaking your ass to stompers like “Outta My Mind”, “Don’t Hold Out On Me” and a cover of the Rolling Stones’ “Out of  Time”. A perfect album for a rowdy night out.