Bang Gang – Something’s Wrong (From Nowhere Records)

Bang Gang are a perfect example of Icelandic alternative music – the chilly atmospherics, the disregard for conventional rock structures and postures, the haunting melodies – it’s all there on Something Wrong. Even though they operate under a group name, Bang Gang is mainly Bardi Johannsson, who does the lion’s share of the writing, singing, and performing; though some songs feature collaborators, including Nicolette (who you may recognize from her work with Massive Attack), Daniel Agust of GusGus and singer Phoebe Tolmer. Bang Gang’s melancholic mix of light trip-hop and down-tempo indie rock reminds me of Air circa Moon Safari, but without all the retro-kitsch. The best songs are the ones that Johansson sings, with “Follow”, “Find What You Get” and “Inside” all demanding repeat listens. A poorly chosen ultra-twee cover of “Stop In The Name Of Love” and other lesser songs make the last 1/3 of the album a letdown, but the first 2/3 are highly recommended. Add another point for the cool album cover.


1. Inside
2. Follow
3. Something Wrong
4. It’s Alright
5. There Was A Whisper
6. Forward And Reverse
7. Find What You Get
8. In The Morning
9. Stop In The Name Of Love
10. Everything’s Gone
11. Contradictions
12. Look At The Sun