A Rocket Girl Compilation (Rocket Girl Records)

How do you sum up a twenty-seven song compilation where songs don’t always have much in common with each other? You don’t. Thus, here’s a track-by-track breakdown of this double-disc from long running UK underground label Rocket Girl.

CD 1

1/A Diana’s Diana- Lilys: Great band when mining My Bloody Valentine or Kinks territory, but not tepid 1980s funk.

2/Frozen Twilight – God Is An Astronaut: Sticks closely to the post-rock playbook, but does a good job with it.

3/Dressed For Rain – The Sleeping Years: Whisper-soft acoustic folk. Pretty, but also pretty pointless.

4/No.6 – Sam Kills Two: Coldplay-esque wussyness.

5/I Know I’ll See You – A Place To Bury Strangers: Scuzzed out noise-rock from their excellent debut album.

6/Love Never Dies A Natural Death – Robin Guthrie: An instrumental from the ex-Cocteau Twins guitarist. Unsurprisingly, it sounds like The Cocteau Twins without vocals. Nothing to see here.

7/Standing Still – The Brothers Movement: Sounds like Oasis. Pretty catchy tune too.

8/Memories Just Wash Away – Project Skyward: Bad electro-shoegaze. Lyrics are a major liability.

9/Setting Sun – Howling Bells (Ulrich Schnauss) Remix: Is there a song Ulrich Schnauss can’t turn into bland sonic wallpaper?

10/You’re My Yoko – Television Personalities: Both the band and song idea are thirty years too late.

11/Tattoo – Peter Daltrey: Not the Who cover I expected, but a pretty good slice of Syd Barrett-esque acoustic weirdness.

12/Rocket Girl – Kennedy Green: Someone thought the time was right for a Cranberries revival. They were wrong.

13/Cold Water – Pieter Nooten: New age blandness.

14/I’ve God Them – Am: New age blandness meets post-rock, on a laptop.

15/Dream – The Azusa Plane: Forty-six seconds of what sounds like a Spacemen 3 sound-check.

CD 2

16/The Long Goodbye – All In The Golden Afternoon With Ulrich Schnauss: Sounds like Slowdive, with extra emphasis on the “slow”.

17/Maybe Next Time – The Pragmatic: Maybe not.

18/In The Distance Fading (The Echelon Effect Remix) – God Is An Astronaut: A repetitive remix.

19/Just Out Of Reach – A Place To Bury Strangers: Having A Place To Bury Strangers cover The Jesus and Mary Chain is redundant, but still sounds pretty good.

20/Swallowtail – Lemon’s Chair: Nine minutes of repetitive noise I’m not revisiting anytime soon.

21/Blooth – Serena Maneesh: I imagine this would be a good song to listen to on drugs. Kevin Shields would be proud.

22/In The Glow – Asteroid #4: Good Nuggets-y psych-rock with a strong ‘60s production.

23/London – A Shoreline Dream With Ulrich Schnauss: More boring laptop-gaze from Mr. Schnauss and company.

24/Nowhere – Elika (Project Skyward Remix): Sounds like it was made on bad equipment for $1.99.

25/Broken Heart – Robin Guthrie: Similar to his song on Disc 1.

26/Blue – Pieter Nooten: Like Brian Eno’s Another Green World, except not good.

27/Bubbles And Flugelhorn – Fuxa: Delivers what the title promises.