Soccer Mom – Soccer Mom (100M Records)

Soccer Mom’s debut album is also their last, as the band announced their breakup in September 2014. It’s one of those albums that sounds really intriguing off the bat, but further listens reveal limitations that ultimately kill that initial burst of enthusiasm. Sonically, the Boston foursome stay firmly within the confines of the alt-rock sound of 1988-91; specifically Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine. That’s a great set of influences but after a few listens you realize that Soccer Mom’s only admirable attribute is their ability to sound like those bands. Soccer Mom score some points as tight musicians, but all they had to do was find a unique angle or have a definable personality, and I’d be gushing over them. Lord knows we could use some strong guitar-driven rock bands these days. Without a shred of originality, I’m content to forego Soccer Mom and simply give Daydream Nation, Bug and Isn’t Anything another spin.