The Pretty Things – Honey, I Need / I Can Never Say 7″ (Fruits De Mer Records)

With The Pretty Things approaching their 50th anniversary in 2013, it’s a good time to look back at their early years, which is exactly what this 7″ single does. The A-side is a raucous version of their 1965 classic “Honey, I Need” taken from a 2010 performance at London’s 100 Club in London. Phil May’s voice doesn’t have the live-wire energy it once did (he is a senior citizen, after all) but that’s OK because the band plays it hard and raw, with Dick Taylor (the only other original member) tearing off a great guitar solo. The B-side is a previously-unreleased demo of “I Can Never Say” from 1965, which, with the exception of some extra crackles and pops from the acetate, doesn’t vary much from the version on their debut album.


This is only available in a limited quantity of 1,200 copies, and only on vinyl, so all you Pretty Things fanatics need to act quick before it’s gone.




1. Honey, I Need (Live 2010)

2. I Can Never Say (Previously Unreleased Acetate Demo)


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