The Dirty Streets – Movements (Soul Patch Records)

Do you miss the old days when power trios ruled the earth? Do you yearn for the era when long-haired bands played high-energy blues, soul and psychedelia at intense volumes, inventing hard-rock in the process? If so, do yourself a favor and get acquainted with this young Memphis trio right away. Their debut, Movements, may not be the most well-recorded album ever to hit my stereo, but lo-fi sound isn’t a big problem because the band are infectious and rocking. They’ve got raw energy and accomplished musicianship that might recall classic rock, but also sounds totally vital in the here and now. You want some specific reference points? No problem. I can hear bits of The Who (circa Live at Leeds), very early Aerosmith, The Black Keys (before they hooked up with Danger Mouse) and even distant hints of Booker T. and The MGs (albeit a much heavier version). Movement’s ten songs all smoke, but the opening trio of “Broke As A Man Can Be”, “Clouds Of Strange” and “Felt” are where The Dirty Streets strike the perfect balance of muscle and melody. I’d love to hear what these guys could do with a bigger recording budget somewhere down the line, but they’re off to a ripping start.

Stream the whole damn thing right here:


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