The Bats – Free All The Monsters (Flying Nun Records)

Free All the Monsters

Free All The Monsters is my first exposure to Christchuch, NZ rock institution The Bats, despite a recording career that goes all the way back to the early-1980s. I’m late to the game, but I really like what I hear. Free All The Monsters may not break down any doors or take you on a journey somewhere music hasn’t taken you before, but it’s a pleasant collection of well-recorded, slightly psychedelic, mid-tempo jangle tunes that reminds me of Yo La Tengo, later-period Feelies, or The Clean, the latter of which makes sense since head Bat-man Robert Scott was a member in the early-1980s. The group’s secret weapon is guitarist Kaye Woodward, whose tasteful backing vocals give Scott a perfect melodic foil. They certainly give the title track and the Velvet Underground-ish chug of “See Right Through Me” a little extra seasoning they wouldn’t have had otherwise. Free All Monsters is an album of small victories.


  1. Long Halls
  2. Simpletons
  3. Free All the Monsters
  4. See Right Through Me
  5. Its Not the Same
  6. In the Subway
  7. Fingers of Dawn
  8. Space Junk
  9. On the Bank
  10. Canopy
  11. When the Day Comes
  • Getting Over You

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