The Telescopes – Taste (Bomp Records)

Bomp’s Telescopes reissue campaign continues with Taste, the group’s 1989 debut full-length. Before getting into the music, I have to take Bomp to task on the shoddy quality of this release, which has no liner notes, clumsy over-sized cardboard packaging, and what sounds to these ears like worse sound quality than their own 2003 Telescopes compilation As Approved By The Committee, which shares many tracks with Taste. Now let’s get into the music. The ‘scopes are usually lumped together with shoegaze bands, based mostly on their records for shoegaze-friendly Creation Records in the early-1990s, but Taste is an altogether different, and far wilder, sound than their later bliss-outs. It starts off innocently enough with the VU-esque “And Let Me Drift Away”, but that song’s calm is quickly blasted away by noisy, violent and primitive tracks “I Fall, She Screams”, “Threadbare”, and “There Is No Floor”, all influenced by Sonic Youth, The Jesus and Mary Chain and Spacemen 3, but more abrasive and with, quite frankly, dodgier lyrics. OK, so the band’s best work was still to come, but this can’t be ignored thanks to “The Perfect Needle”, one of the best British singles of the late-1980s. If you haven’t heard it before, do something about that.


  1. And Let Me Drift Away
  2. I Fall, She Screams
  3. Oil Seed Rape
  4. Violence
  5. Threadbare
  6. The Perfect Needle
  7. There Is No Floor
  8. Anticipating Nowhere
  9. Please, Before You Go
  10. Suffercation
  11. Silent Water
  12. Suicide

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